A novelty brought to you by TRANSLATE TRADE: SprachenAPP

In terms of innovation and development, the translation agency TRANSLATE TRADE has always been an industry pioneer. Here, optimized processes and many years of experience blend with a team that always keeps abreast of the latest developments.

The newest development of our translation office in Graz is called SprachenAPP (language app). This is a software which was specially developed for the company and which dramatically improves the cycle time of individual projects. In its essence, SprachenAPP can be compared to a complete automation of all processes and steps, allowing the TRANSLATE TRADE team to handle each and every assignment in a fully electronic manner.

The software supports each project from initial contact to customer invoicing, making it possible to quickly access any relevant information related to a certain assignment, even years after completion.

The software’s outstanding feature is its user-friendly and innovative interface. Integration with the in-house database allows for a reduction of the processing time required for individual assignments of up to 60 %. Clients reap the main benefit from this, as it means that they also receive their translated files much faster.

The development of this software, which serves to extend the reach of the project managers, took several months. The final result, however, fully meets TRANSLATE TRADE exacting standards. Ms. Mag. Ljubica Negovec, TRANSLATE TRADE’s managing director, comments: “SprachenAPP is unique within the translation industry. It has not only allowed us to shorten the cycle times for individual projects – with the automation of the order handling process, we were also able to reduce our internal use of paper by more than 30 %, providing considerable benefits to the environment.”