A novelty brought to you by TRANSLATE TRADE:

Simultaneous editing with Innovation Speech!

Despite almost 25 years of industry experience as a translation agency, TRANSLATE TRADE time and again finds a way to reinvent itself. The latest achievement at TRANSLATE TRADE: simultaneous editing.

When it comes to translations, the common standard calls for the so-called “four eyes principle” (the text is translated by one translator and then verified by another). Experience has shown, however, that in many cases it is not enough to just have two professionals handling a text. This is where simultaneous editing comes into play. At TRANSLATE TRADE, all source texts are processed by specially developed software (speech) which converts text into language. The translation itself then follows the four eyes principle. Afterwards, however, the editor reads the target text (i.e. the translation), while at the same time (i.e. simultaneously) listening to the source text via speech.

The process is considerably more efficient than parallel reading both texts next to each other. “Traditionally, you would open the source text on the left side and the translation on the right side and then compare the two texts”, explains Ms. Mag. Negovec, TRANSLATE TRADE’s managing director. “This procedure is not bad, but unfortunately it makes it fairly easy to miss individual mistakes. With simultaneous editing, such an oversight is almost impossible.”

With its unique simultaneous editing, TRANSLATE TRADE was able to further increase its already high quality standards. And you can be certain: it won’t be long before you hear about the next innovation developed under the TRANSLATE TRADE brand.

If you would like further information on the optimised processes employed by the team around Mag. Negovec, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at 0316/29 16 29 or by e-mail to office@translate-trade.com, or visit our corporate website at www.translate-trade.com.